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Thiruchitrambalam is a film about suppressed feelings, and Mithran J Jawahar has captured this in rose-tinted frames. The film is sad and lifeless, communicating sorrow and grief. It is not as sad as you may believe, though. It is, in fact, the opposite, and it feels lively and happy.

The movie has a charming innocence at its core. When referring to Pazham, Dhanush’s character, it means ‘innocent’ in Tamil. Dhanush, who can sell innocence as sweetly as any Indian actor, plays Pazham in the movie. In Indian cinema, there is something austere about the way he plays an innocent, good-for-nothing character.

We have seen this in Polladhavan, Aadukalam, VIP, Raanjhanaa, and Vada Chennai. Nithya Menon is also capable of selling innocence. After all, they are both in the film Megham Karukkatha. How wonderful is that? They dance like two butterflies ‘Megham Karukkatha,’ a movie in which they dance like two butterflies.

Thiruchitrambalam Film Review
Thiruchitrambalam Film Review

Thiruchitrambalam Film Review

Firstly, Mithran R Jawahar puts a spin on the Velai Illa Pattadhari template. This film still follows VIP’s structure and perhaps borrowed a few highpoints and Anirudh’s score, but the similarities end there.

In fact, it is hard to say if Thiruchitrambalam is a rom-com or a slice of life drama on domestic life. Perhaps it is both. It has the style and language of a rom-com because it is Dhanush with three heroines. Yet, it is also a slice of life drama about letting go, powered by a terrific Bharathiraja and Prakash Raj.

Taking the “rom-com” angle away, Mithran writes these characters and their worlds beautifully. Pazham is a food delivery boy and tries to pursue his high school sweetheart, Anusha. She comes from a life of wealth while he is struggling to make ends meet.

And then we have Ranjani who hails from a village that values tradition over all else–in contrast with her life in the city.

Rather than trying to figure out what she should do, she seems content with her life. In both these cases, Thiruchitrambalam becomes the beautiful middle guy who cannot climb or descend. He is neither here nor there: an impossible truffle to be found.

The humour in the film is relentless and this supports the theme of tackling hardship. The protagonist’s life changes because of circumstances but remains positive when Pazham meets Anusha on a date.

The film subverts a scene of Pazham dressing up in a server outfit, with Shobana asking “Why are you dressed like a server?” and then people tipping him. The film also subverts another scene when Pazham is provoked and beaten by Mahantrambalam’s henchmen while fighting his own inner demons of suppression instead of fighting villains.

The story waivers between joy and angst. Yet, the overall tone is optimistic. The film does not judge events, but rather laughs at them. The audience cannot help but empathize with the protagonist’s suffering, because there is always a character who loves you and supports you even in your darkest moments.

Thiruchitrambalam demonstrates the ability to laugh at your worst times with someone who has your back. The screenwriter of this film subverts scenes of sorrow with a cheeky and lighthearted approach. The writers are able to maintain a happy and joyful mood throughout the movie.

One of the scenes in Thiruchitrambalam is Pazham dressing up to go on a date with Anusha, not realizing she will break his heart.

The film quickly subverts this when Shobana asks, “why are you dressed like a server?” The comical tone is maintained throughout, and even the terrible moments where Pazham realizes his place in a world unfamiliar to him and gets tipped by someone makes for a delightful subversion.

This lack of judgement and ability to laugh at your worst times with someone who has your back make Thiruchitrambalam seem more realistic. There are bumps in the tone in the second half; I felt nervous for an old wound that comes back within the form of a fight sequence.

Even then, the fight stays within structure: we never see Thiruchitrambalam fighting an evil bad guy; instead, he just beats himself and his inner demons of suppression. This is remarkable screenwriting!

The Mithran story is difficult to tell without cliché moments. For example, the hero is often a failure, but some scenes break from this. (When Pazham sees his father paralyzed, the scenes doesn’t hit us with sentimentalism, but instead Bharathiraja says “Unnaku avan appa, enakku avan pulla da” which made me cry). The director knows when to break once from clichés and give us amazing moments that make us both laugh and cry.

Thiruchitrambalam Film Review
Thiruchitrambalam Film Review

Mithran is a landmine of cliches. However, the director is constrained by these cliches and throws out some surprises to keep the film engaging. On one occasion, when Pazham feels guilt over his father being paralyzed, Mithran doesn’t go into sentimentality. Instead he gives us a fantastic dialog “Unnaku avan appa, enakku avan pulla da,” which translates to: “In order to be your daddy I was an elder brother. In order to be a father I was an abusive man.” These are touching moments which make the movie better because viewer emotions are triggered.

The film is about the journey of Dhanush and Nithya Menon’s characters. You are rooting for them because you want to see them together in a happy marriage.

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