India's military have no match for China's AI  Backed Machine war -says military expert Pravin Sawhney


In the event that India and China were to battle a conflict sooner rather than later, China could take Arunachal and Ladakh with least death toll, says military master Pravin Sawhney



Indian military is planning for some unacceptable conflict, expresses Sawhney in his educational and troubling book, 'The Last War: How AI Will Shape India's Final Showdown With China' (Aleph),



China's conflict with India will be suggestive of the 1991 Inlet Battle during which the US military's fight networks interfacing sensors to shooters and directed weapons

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China getting ready for this since 2017 Doklam emergency after which it for all time expanded its soldiers across the Line of Actual Control

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern


The PLA's disturbance innovations will overpower India inside the initial 72 hours of threats starting, and will prompt the fast finish of India's obstruction,

It ought to try not to zero in on joint battle with the US, whose power in the locale is weakening. All things considered, India ought to try to reconcile with China and Pakistan

"Dragon On Our Doorstep: Managing China Through Military Power "The Defence Makeover: 10 Myths That Shape India's Image", "Operation Parakram: The War Unfinished"

Author of 3 books -

Flight Path

He has been visiting individual at the Renowned Joined Organizations Foundation for Insurance and Security Studies, Joined Domain and visiting specialist at the Agreeable Observing Center, US.


This is on the grounds that the Indian military is getting ready for some unacceptable conflict, says Sawhney

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