STOP Indian IT organizations from strongly holding representatives with 90 days' notification period. This is not a era of slavery.

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USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China, Europe, Canada: 1 day to a limit of about a month notice which is further adaptable and no can't be compelled to remain and work.


India: 90 days, and moreover non-debatable IT firms in India have made a command for their representatives to serve a notification time of 90 days which is non-debatable majority of the times.


Individuals who have resigned and don't have any desire to go on in a specific organization for reasons unknown must choose the option to remain and work for a time of 90 days


work for a time of 90 days which in the event that not consented to, could prompt getting boycotted everlastingly with that organization or loosing experience evidence letter for their business.


Organizations believes you should join in no less than 15 days except for they don't leave you before 90 days. It's so discouraging moment  when you are needing a change and can do nothing.


No job/task is to such an extent that which can't be formally progressed to next individual/group soon.


I have by and by given both major and minor changes on exchanging tasks and it generally took me from 3 days to a limit of 15 days to make it happen.


There is no great explanation to drive somebody to labor for 3 additional months when they need to cease working for individual reasons.


The greater part of the times those 3 months become deplorable as representative may not be dealt with very well due to his/her renunciation.

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it is unreasonable for anybody to prepare for their future activities and leave ahead of time not knowing condition of the issue in next 90 days

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IT has been each developing position area for India yet I don't know whether their approaches have been assessed by Indian Service of Work and Business

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There is also a rule made by the employer in their offer letter that they can layoff you next day if needed. Pathetic!!! situation in India. Why not a notice period of 1 month or 1.5 months

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Sign your petition here and raise voice for your future and for justice for your past. This needs to be changed share this stories with your circle and ASK FOR CHANGE

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