1. Lock Screen: You will get all-better approaches to customize your Lock Screen. You actually want to grandstand your most loved photographs, modify textual  styles and show a bunch of gadgets

2. Make numerous Lock Screens: You can now make different Lock Screens, each with a remarkable scenery and style, and effectively switch between them.

3. Gadgets on the Lock Screen: You can decide to show a bunch of gadgets as a component of your Lock Screen to look at data like the climate, time, date, battery levels,

4. Notices: View warnings on the Lock Screen in an extended rundown view, stacked view or secret view. 

5. Handily set up Focus: another smoothed out arrangement for Focus allow you to choose the applications and individuals you need to get warnings from by either permitting or quieting  them

6. iCloud Shared Photograph Library: Coming not long from now. You will actually want to impart a photograph library to your family, share different iCloud photograph library with upto five others.

7. Messages: You can now alter a message you recently sent or unsend a new message out and out. Furthermore, you can stamp a message as uninitiated on the off 

8. Mail: Wise hunt works on your outcomes by adjusting grammatical mistakes and involving equivalents for your pursuit terms

9. Safari: Offer tabs and bookmarks, send messages and begin FaceTime right from Safari. Whether you're arranging an outing with companions or looking for a love seat with your accomplice, 

10. Home: The Home application is revamped starting from the earliest stage to be considerably more productive and solid.

Explore all your brilliant home adornments in the overhauled Home tab. New classes for environment, lights, security and more let you access pertinent embellishments with simply a tap. 

Furthermore, a multi-camera view puts your shrewd home cameras up front. There are a few additional elements you can appreciate. 

How much will it cost?

The update is totally free from Apple. In the event that you are being approached to pay for an update, being a scam is reasonable.

There are a few additional elements you can appreciate. Actually take a look at it here. https://www.apple.com/in/ios/ios-16/highlights/.

You can likewise switch your Lock Screen over the course of the day, simply contact and hold it, and afterward swipe.

Lock Screen to look at data like the climate, time, date, battery levels, forthcoming schedule occasions, cautions, time regions and Action ring progress.

Associate your Lock Screen to your Focus so the look and feel of your iPhone match how you need to involve it at the time. With a swipe, 

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